Solar Silicon Adhesive

Solar Silicon Adhesive

Bonding and Sealing. PV cells made from laminated glass or high performance plastics have to be bonded into aluminium housings before mounting into position. High grade industrial silicone adhesive is normally used to make a strong yet flexible bond between the two surfaces.

ITEM: Silicon Adhesive Fast Cure Type
APPLICATION: For Sealing Of PV Panel With Aluminum Frames & Joining Of Junction Box to The Panel.

Typical Properties

Color :-White Or Bright White
Appearance :-Uncured- Thixotropic Paste, Cured- Elastic Rubber
Density Cured: :-1.04 minimum
Tack Free Time :-5 minutes
Tensile Strength :-1.6mpa Minimum
Elongation At Break :- Min 430%
Hardness Type A :-26 Minimum
Adhesive Strength :-1.3mpa Minimum
Volume Resistivity :-2.0 X10(15) Minimum
Dielectric Strength :-14kv/Mm Minimum
Temperature Resistance :--55 C to +200 C


  • The Silicon Adhesive for Solar PV Module shall Be Certified with TUV/UL.
  • The Silicon Adhesive Shall Be Non- Corrosive To Metals.
  • The Silicon Adhesive Shall Be Of Low Odor Types.

Packing Conditions

  1. The silicon adhesive shall be supply in cans of minimum 20literes each.
  2. Cans can be palletized & each pallet shall have manufacturers label containing-
    • Manufacturers Name
    • Lot No.
    • Date Of Manufacture
    • Date Of Expiry
    • Product Description
  3. Final Packing Box Shall Have A Label Containing Purchase Order No. & Date.
  4. Each Lot Must Be Accompanied With Test Certificate.
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