Solar EVA Film

Solar EVA Film

Its a most common encapsulation is with cross linkable EVA with the help of lamination machine. The cells are laminated between the films of EVA in a vacuum which is under compression. With the EVA the solar cells are floating between the glass & back sheet helping to softens shock & vibration therefore, protecting the solar cell & circuits.

Physical Charateristics

Material :-Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Dimensions :-Width: 985 ± 2m
Thickness: 0.45 to 0.50mm
Length: in Roll Form of 100 linear Meters Each
Surface Type: :-Inside- Matt, Outside- Polished/ Embossed
Tensile Strength :-18 ± 3 MPa
Water Absorption :-<0.1%
Thermal Conductivity :-0.27w/M.K
Specific Heat :-2.8j / g.K
Thermal Shrinkage :-<1%
Adhesion To Back Sheet :->70N / Cm
Adhesion To Glass :->70n/Cm
Optical Transmittance :->91%
UV Cut Off Wave Length :-360nm
Refractive Index :-1.48
Dielectric Strength :->25kv/mm
Volume Resistivity :-1x 10(15) Minimum
Gel Content :->80%
Color :-Transparent
Haze :-<7
Vinyl Acetate Content :-26~33%

Visual Characteristics

  1. Appearance: Smooth Surface, Uniform Thickness, & Shall Have No Discoloration
  2. Shall be non - Sticky at Room Temperature.
  3. Shall have Not Have Any Bubble & Peeling

Packing Conditions

  1. Eva Roll Shall Be Packed In Air Tight Aluminum Foil/Foam Sheet To Avoid Possible Material Degradation.
  2. Each Roll Shall Have Manufacturers Label Containing-
    • Manufacturers Name
    • Lot No.
    • Date Of Manufacture
    • Date Of Expiry
    • Dimensions Viz., Width & Quantity
  3. Final Packing Box Shall Have A Label Containing Purchase Order No. & Date.
  4. Each Lot Must Be Accompanied With Test Certificate.
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