Polyester Film

Polyester Film

Polythelene terepthalate(PET) used extensively in the production of a high-strength moisture-resistant and insulate film for cable core wrap, thickness from 12 micron to 125 micron, features option of spool packing.


Packaging Solution


The skilled operator should take or lay the materials gently, carefully to avoid scrap and crash problems.


Keep the clean standard stock, away from light direct irradiation pollutionand all kinds of mechanical outside force.


The above mention data properly should, however, only be regardedas a general guide to product properties and not as a guarantee. Some of the properties can be changed as a result of our efforts to improve the quality of our products. Above mention produces are comply with REACH regulations and pass RoHS certification. KEMAITE is concerning the enviornment in which we live, full information will be provided.

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