Junction Box (with Cables)

Solar Bus Bar

A PV junction box is attached to the back of the solar panel (TPT) with silicon adhesive. It wires the (usually) 4 connectors together and is the output interface of the solar panel.

Product Specifications

Item :-Junction Box with Cover & PV Connectors
Application :-For connecting PV modules & power evacuation.
Rated Current :-12 A minimum
Rated Voltage :-1000 VDC minimum
Degree of Protection :-IP 67 without Potting
Certification :-TUV/ UL Approved
Temperature Range :-40˚C to +85˚C
Diode Connection :-Screwed Down
No. of Terminals :-4(Four)
No. & Types of Diode :-Schottky Diodes (15A, 40V)
No. of Glands :-2(Two)
Connecting Cables :-2 no. Of 4s.mm - 100 cm length
Types of Connectors :-mc- 4 compatible clip on type
Ribbon Width :-6-8mm
Housing Material :-PPE

The junction box shall be TUV/UL certified to standard as follow:

  • DIN V VDE V 0126-5/05.08
  • Connectors- EN 50521:2008
  • Cables: 2PFG 1169/08.07
Test certificate to be provided along with the offer.

Packing Conditions

  1. The cable shall be wound or tied the junction box shall be packed in carton box.
  2. Each carton shall have manufacturers label containing-
    • Manufacturers Name
    • Lot No.
    • Date Of Manufacture
    • Date Of Expiry
    • Product Description
  3. Final Packing Box Shall Have A Label Containing Purchase Order No. & Date.
  4. Each Lot Must Be Accompanied With Test Certificate.
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