Our Business Values

Since the day we have evolved and steeped into the market, we have set our parameters and the values which we have to maintain for always. Any company which conducts the business without values and a business without morality and ethics will make just nine days wonder. We have founded our values and ideal principles since the day we have founded our company as a distributor.

‘Accountability’ is the foremost part of our company’s value system as a company can never imagine its existence without being accountable for what it does. We believe that the solar appliances which we deliver to our entrusted customers will be genuine and original and we will be accountable for that. In case, there is any such issue that any consumer is delivered a used product, he can share the issue with us. We will listen to his concern and suggest the best possible solution and that is the accountability we are talking about.

‘Transparent’, yes, we are. We are what we do and we do what we are. We never aim or intend to mislead our customers by showing them something else and offering them something else. We are apparent about our every policy, every parameter which we have set either for ourselves or for our customers.

‘Honesty’, is one of the main ingredients which we have imbibed in our package of business ethical norms. We always tend to be genuine so do our professionals. People who work at Navank Consultants never try to manipulate the customer to purchases our solar appliances. What we do is just to inspire them to harness the solar energy, that’s all.

We are ‘ambitious’ as well. But it doesn’t make us to do anything to surpass our competitors. We make our sincere and honest efforts; we mind our ethical values to reach to our destination. We never choose the illicit, illegal and immoral path to attain our goals.

In addition to the above values, we have also put diligence and integrity in our professional and business environment. People, who work here, are empathic. We have set our values indeed but we have a distinct place in our company for the customers’ value as well. We respect integral values of our customers and clients so that we can make strong bond of healthy relationship to grow our business in a sound and healthy environment. We believe that the stronger relationship is rewarded only to those who make confer value to others’ values.

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