Back Sheet

Back Sheet

It is a outermost layer of the p.v module. Solar back sheet is a design to protect the inner component of the module. PV back sheet is a photovoltaic laminate that protects the PV module from UV, moisture and weather while acting as an electrical insulator.


Item :-Laminated Composite Back Sheet for Photo Voltaic Module 3 Layered Structure with Outerlayer fluro-Polymer, Middle Layer Pet And inner Layer of FluroPolymer / UV Resistant Polymer)
Application :-As Back Cover For Lamination of PV module Along With Eva
Width: :-985 ± 2mm
Thickness :-0.30mm minimum
Color :-White
Adhesion Strength :-≥40N/10mm
Tensile Strength :-MD100Mpa, TD 115Mpa
Elongation @ Break :- MD 100%, TD 90%
Heat Shrinkage :-MD 1.50%, TD 0.50%
Moisture Barrier :-<3g/M2 Day
Dielectric Strength :-≥20kv
Partial Discharge :-≥1000vdc

Packing Conditions

  1. Material shall be packed in aluminum foil/ polythene cover to avoid possible material degradation.
  2. Roll length not more than 100 linear meters.
  3. Each roll shall have manufacturer label with manufacturers name, lot no. Date of manufacturer, size of the glass, PO no.
  4. Each Lot Must Be Accompanied With Test Certificate.
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