ARC Tempered Glass

ARC Tempered Glass

ARC (Anti-reflective Coated) Solar Glass is produced by depositing a layer of porous SiO2 on the smooth side of low iron pattern glass. FGG’s ARC glass is developed by adopting world leading technology and equipment, and then cured during the tempering process after coating. It further minimizes the reflection at the glass/air interface and therefore increases photoelectric conversion efficiency and power output of solar modules.

ITEM: AR (ANTI REFLECTION) coated glass for PV module.
APPLICATION: For photovoltaic modules

Product Specifications

Material :-Tempered
Type :-AR Coated On One Side & Textured On Other Side
Visible Light Transmission :-≥93.5%
Dimensions :-Length: 1960 ± 1mm
Width: 980 ± 1mm
Thickness: 3.2 ± 0.2mm
Mechanical Strength :-90Mpa Min
Young Modulus :-T70Gpa Min
Hardness :-6Mohs Min 470knoop (Indenter Load 500g)
Density :-2500kg/M3
  • All Corners To Be Rounded & Edge To Be Ground.
  • Glasses Shall Be Free From Visual Defects.

Packing Conditions

  1. Glasses shall Be Individually Interleaved with Paper Sheets.
  2. Glasses shall be tightly packed in a wooden Pallet Suitable for Seaworthy & Roadworthy Packing to Avoid Transit damages; Glasses Should Be covered With Polythene Sheets to Avoid Moisture & Water Entry,
  3. Each Crate shall Be Marked outside with Manufacturers Name, Lot No., Date of Manufacturer, Size of the Glass, PO No. quantity.
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