Aluminum Frames(All Sizes)

Aluminum Frames(All Sizes)

Aluminium frames provide stability without the weight of a material like steel, making it possible to positionsolar panels for optimal energy efficiency.


This specification covers the requirement of electrolytic ally formed anodic coating on aluminum & al alloy parts which are exposed to direct action of climatic elements.


  1. Aluminum parts to be anodized are made of Al alloy (63400/6063) as per IS- 733 & supplied in W P / t6 condition.
  2. End use of components is for solar photovoltaic module framing.
  3. Anodizing process as per type- I:IS -7088
  4. Type of sealing as per IS-7088

Visual Requirement

The anodic coating, shall be continues, smooth, adherent, uniform in appearance and shall be free from powdery areas, loose films, and discontinuities such as break, scratches and damages.

Dimentional Requirement

After anodic coating the parts shall comply with dimensional requirements of the applicable drawings.

  • Extent of surface to be anodized: All over
  • Anodic coating thickness: 18 ± 3 microns per IS 1868 (AC 15 grade )
  • Surface texture: Natural matte finish
  • Continuity: As per IS-8375
  • Insulation: As per IS-8554, when anodic parts are checked, the break down potential of the coating is to be not less than 500 V DC.
  • Corrosion resistance: each anodized and sealed member when tested as per IS- 9000 as per procedure shall not show more than 5 isolated spots or pits(0.8mm dia max.).
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